• Products for Healthcare

    Tablet devices for mobile data access anywhere,
    small enough to fit your lab coat pocket,
    designed for easy disinfection.

    Take notes on images and patient files with a pen.
    Secure wireless connection to your ERP system.

  • Products for Industrial

    Tablet for rough environments, 4years longevity,
    extended & replaceable battery and use with gloves.

    Remote secure data access via 3G & LTE.


  • Products for Retail & POS

    Tablet devices to simplify order taking,
    access to the latest product info and for payment transactions.

    Payment terminal or bar code scanner integrated
    into the tablet device as optional features.

  • Designed in Finland


    Products designed in Finland.
    European Engineering.




  • Custom Designs

    We make custom product development
    based on the latest mobile chipsets for
    various screen sizes.